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Stainless steel production process

Mar 21, 2023

Iron-carbon alloy, commonly known as stainless steel, is an element that became popular during the Industrial Revolution. From appliances to structural equipment, nearly everything that needs to be strong and durable is made of stainless steel.

Currently, manufacturers across the globe use a variety of systems and procedures to manufacture a variety of durable stainless steel pipes. Among them, the continuous tube milling process is the most popular process today. It involves multi-touch tungsten inert gas and prohibits the use of forged welds and filler metals. This program adjustment makes the stainless steel pipe manufacturing process easier, easier and faster.

Here's a brief look at how manufacturers are now making these strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant pipes and pipes.


The process of making quality pipes consists of four main steps. Below is a brief overview of how technology is turning stainless steel strip into practical, practical tubing with optimum strength and durability.

rolling and welding

The whole process starts with a few strips of high-quality stainless steel. The best Stainless Steel Manufacturers in Delhi always make sure to select the best quality material to produce quality pipes. Without high-quality steel strips, manufacturers cannot produce high-quality products.

Once the strip is ready, the manufacturer trims the edges and goes through various levels of quality inspection to ensure its strength and durability. After the quality inspection process, these strips go into tube rolls according to the required dimensions of the product. The steel belt is tubular in the tube mill. The installed welding machine then trims the edges using a TIG welding process to provide product precision.

After the main task, the Tibo machine removes welding beads and scrap. This is how the basic SS steel pipe was born.

cleaning and heating

Once the rolling process is over and the stainless steel strips have taken on the desired tubular shape, manufacturers cut them into smaller pieces. Different industries have different size requirements. Keeping the same in mind, SS Steel manufacturers cut pipes and pipes into various sizes to meet the needs of different ranges in the market.

Once the cut is complete, it's time to clean the tubes of dirt. Therefore, cleaning of the pipes is the next next step. These cleaned tubes and pipes are further subjected to a heat treatment process that helps relieve welding stress. Manufacturers use continuous rolling hearth furnaces for this treatment.

After heat treatment, it is time to straighten the SS pipe. This is also when the best stainless steel manufacturers in Delhi implement the surface scale removal process. This final process gives the tubes and pipes a finished look.

cold drawn

The cutting of the tube must be flawless. To meet industry requirements, these dimensions and lengths need to be accurate. Any ambiguity in measurements and dimensions renders the product useless. The market also demands a plethora of sizes, which sometimes cannot be achieved using pipe mills.

Therefore, the importance of cold drawing in the field of stainless steel product manufacturing is beyond doubt. Cold drawing can precisely cut tube when a tube mill cannot cut it to size for a particular industry or application. Manufacturers can use this process to obtain tubes of any size.

During this process, a coating of oxalic acid soap solution coats the pipes and pipes. This acts as a lubricant for the tube surface. Thus, the manufacturer gains precision while the cutting process continues. Manufacturers of stainless steel pipe and tubing use die plugs to pull through the pipe on the bench.

final procedure

After the cold drawing process, the manufacturer applies all the required processes on the drawn tube. As mentioned above, these steps include cleaning, heat treatment, pickling and straightening. Precision and good surface treatment make the pipe superior. Therefore, manufacturers pay special attention to each step.


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